Are you planning a complex neuroscience experiment? Software development, integration of instruments to an experimental setup no problem. We are doing it for 10+ years.


Do you need a high level user interface for your experiment setup?
Are you planning to integrate visual stimulation with two photon microscope or multielectrode array?
Do you need control software for complex behavioral experiments?
A data pre-processing pipeline is needed to make data handling easier in your high level analysis?
Do you want to replicate a vision related experiment from a paper’s method’s section?

We can help you with all these problems. It works remotely, we just need to clarify the architecture of the system, we advise the right components and guide you with the wiring. Then with remote desktop software we can take care of the rest. Once the solution is implemented we show you how to use it and provide support later. If in the meantime you have a new idea on how to make your experiment better we should discuss and will add that feature.


We recommend Python based Vision Experiment Manager as the basis of the software solution. Vision Experiment Manager contains many building blocks of such experiments and speeds up development.


Zoltán Raics

CEO, Software Engineer

Balázs Gyöngyösi

Electronic Engineer

Kinga Futó, PhD


Péter Raics, PhD



Dasha Nelidova, Rei K Morikawa, Cameron S Cowan, Zoltan Raics, David Goldblum, Hendrik P N Scholl, Tamas Szikra, Arnold Szabo, Daniel Hillier, Botond Roska: Restoring light sensitivity using tunable near-infrared sensors Science Vol. 368, Issue 6495, pp. 1108-1113, 2020

Daniel Hillier, Michele Fiscella, Antonia Drinnenberg, Stuart Trenholm, Santiago B Rompani, Zoltan Raics, Gergely Katona, Josephine Juettner, Andreas Hierlemann, Balazs Rozsa & Botond Roska: Causal evidence for retina-dependent and -independent visual motion computations in mouse cortex Nature Neuroscience, 2017

A Wertz, S Trenholm, K Yonehara, D Hillier, Z Raics, M Leinweber, G Szalay, A Ghanem, G Keller, B Rozsa, K Conzelmann, B Roska: Single-cell-initiated monosynaptic tracing reveals layer-specific cortical network modules Science, Vol 349, Issue 6243 pp. 70-74, 2015

T Szikra, S Trenholm, A Drinnenberg, J Juttner, Z Raics, K Farrow, M Biel, G Awatramani, D Clark, J Sahel, R da Silveira, B Roska: Rods in daylight act as relay cells for cone-driven horizontal cell-mediated surround inhibition Nature Neuroscience, 2014


Measurement Automation Software Developer


At SENS Software LLC we are developing Python based measurement automation solutions for neurobiology research. Do you want to contribute to pioneering science and clinical research? Do you have the engineer’s mindset and interested in how software can drive real-world devices? This opportunity is for you:

Your Responsibilities

  • Develop, maintain and deploy software controlling scientific experiments, build prototypes of experimental setups
  • Write elegant and maintainable code for our measurement automation software framework
  • Participate in establishing analysis solutions for microscopy and electrophysiology data.

Your Profile

  • BS/MS degree in electrical engineering or computer science
  • 3+ years experience in two of Python/C++/Matlab
  • Familiar with electronics and measurement automation systems
  • Ability to develop software in remote environments
  • Fluent in English
  • Action-oriented, problem-solving, results-driven and able to work independently.
  • Experience with some of the following topics is also a plus:
    • NI data acquisition board and driver programming
    • QT based GUI development
    • Microcontroller programming

We Offer

  • Salary is based on your experience level

  • Flexible worktime
  • Bird whistle in office, silent relaxed working environment

  • Onboarding training

  • Hobby projects to develop your own ideas

  • Accommodation available if needed

We are located in Debrecen, Hungary, this is a full time job, home office up to 60%.

Further information: +36 30 6885376

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